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Originally Posted by jc1 View Post
If you don't have sedge issues then why use q4? Go with drivexlr8 or generic drive. Mid summer you should have minimal broadleaf weeds.
You're right as far as not having many broadleaves in August. The Q4 does help with grassy weeds in addition to the crabgrass that's why I like it (used to like it.) I see the Drive XLR8 controls several types of grassy weeds as well as some limited broadleaves.

I guess prior to spraying, I could do some walk arounds and if needed, do a Drive XLR8 and speedzone combo? I know that wouldn't knock out any sedge so if sedge was observed I could always go back with sedgehammer I guess.

The solitaire looked quite intriguing but it has that 30 day wait time. Maybe I'm over thinking this. I just like to have a plan lined up well in advance.

Some of these properties I cut and I am there weekly. Others, its just fert, pre and post emerg. so I'm not there as often and don't really have as clear of an idea as to what's going on regularly. I guess doing some more walk arounds in between tratments could help me decide on which chemical or combo of chemical to decide on depending on what I observe.
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