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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
Yeah I agree the 37 is always in the governer and I think that us why it's a gas hog. Mine has the new heads also.... The 32 is $300 cheaper than the 36 and I was thinking th 32 might be better on fuel.... But I mow at full speed and my current 3100 is running 13.5 GPS so I don't want to loose any blade tip speed....
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I use the old adage, "when in doubt, go stout." I can tell by your comments you have a slight concern, and my thoughts from operating the 32 is you will never have any problems maintaining blade tip speed unless you are mowing a wet pasture.

You will always be second guessing yourself, therefore I believe your best buy for ease of mind is the 36. There will be very little difference in fuel consumption, and there can possibly be times where the 36 will not work as hard to maintain full operating rpms, which in return can save fuel.

My thoughts are you would really need to be cutting overgrown, wet grass before ever noticing a difference between the power of the 32 versus the 36. I think you would need to run both engines on a 72" deck; in thick large grass before getting a real feel for a power difference between the two.
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