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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
Yeah I agree the 37 is always in the governer and I think that us why it's a gas hog. Mine has the new heads also.... The 32 is $300 cheaper than the 36 and I was thinking th 32 might be better on fuel.... But I mow at full speed and my current 3100 is running 13.5 GPS so I don't want to loose any blade tip speed....
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I'm meant to also say I've never seen any Ferris mower produce that much speed. They are actually shipped from the factory at 10 mph, with the option of moving the stops to achieve the advertised 12 mph. When the stops are adjusted most still are a little less than the top advertised speed. You must have a special mower if it is able to achieve 13+ mph. If you have an exact known distance on level ground; I would love for you to give me the distance and stopwatch measured time to cover the distance. This is the most accurate way of checking speed (distance and time), the same as used on a drag-strip. If you've got a known distance of preferably at least 200', run it several times and get an average, I can take the known distance and time, then give you an exact speed. GPS is good to 1/2 mph depending on satellite locations.
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