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Originally Posted by clydebusa View Post
Don't agree with 32vld.
My experience in the last 20 years has been.

1. 21" mower taking 30 minutes to do a yard. $35.00 Just say 2 yards hour. Gross $75.00

2. Buy 32" go from 2 yards to 3 hour. Gross $105.00

3. Competition comes in with a 32" and his goal is to make $75.00 an hour. He will do the 3 lawns for $25.00 each or somewhere in the price range. Or he might say $30.00 and he is making gross $90.00

4. Next guy comes in with a 36" and he is getting 3.5 yards done an hour, and the cycle continues.

Do not agree with me?

I clearly stated that the numbers used were for an example and to make the math easier.

He wanted to know if he should charge IF he used a 36" mower (a mower that he does not own, use, or have access to) because he was using a 21" mower.

His question was are prices are to be based on mower size and I pointed out that giving prices based on more size is not enough and showed how just using mower size alone can give prices too high and too low.

No where did the OP ask about mower productivity rates.

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