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Originally Posted by michiman View Post

I did accept the offer for my property but my HOA filed a seperate claim for a couple trees that were damaged off the edge of my yard. I'm curious exactly what it was Dupont needed to prove tree ownership? They filed well after I did and Dupont sent Davey out last month for a visit. I figured this info might save them delays as their claim progresses to an end. Did they ask for any other info from the HOA beyond "proof" of tree ownership?

In our case, they did not require any formal proof. I wrote to them and advised them that to HOA owns all but 2 trees on our claim report and gave them the ownership information for those 2 trees. Apparently, that was good enough for them, as they seemed to have accepted it and those two homeowners will have their name on the CRA and will also need to sign it.
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