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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Remember it is the average price per year that counts.
You can pay more for your fert/crab product--if--you pay less for your summer or fall fert/chemcial cost.

What I'm trying to do this season is sell the total cost per season April - November for all my fert accounts and basically include spot post emergent herbicides as a package deal. Also I will include aeration as needed.

I'm trying to get clients out of bean count mode [cost per aplication] over to, "okay this guy is nuts about our lawn looking it's best let's agree to pay his bundle agreement fee from April-November". Might be just 3 APS....may need up to 6 tweaks of fert inputs.

Okay now this part of the deal might go over like lead balloons but I want to be super firm about watering and mowing heights. I'm going for the lawn personal trainer angle and old habits die hard especially no offense intended with the "years young" segment of the population.

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