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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
The 32 HP will have plenty of power with the 61" deck. I would think that the 36 would use considerably more fuel on average, since it is noticably larger in CC's. For the cutting conditions you described above, I doubt you'll regret buying the 32.
I agree, from my experience with the 32 it has unbelievable power.

I put this mower into extremely tall signal grass for the reason of trying to stall the engine, this was the purpose of letting the grass get this tall. Signal grass is full of moisture at all times, and is very difficult to discharge due to being extremely heavy. This mower with the Vanguard never dropped the engine rpms, of course it was moving at a crawl, but the deck cleared itself very well. I cut it twice, it was impossible for it to cut clean in one pass, but I can tell you without doubt this would have stopped most mowers dead in its tracks. I could completely stall my Kohler 28 efi in this grass, but then again the XR-7 will not clear itself (which kills power) as easily as the Bad Boy deck.

This was a 31 hp Vanguard pulling a 60" deck, if I could not stop the engine in this, I don't see a 32 having any problem with a 61" deck.

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