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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
It will need rebuilt. Actually, this isn't recent, I believe it's been a couple years. I think my buddy is still furious about it all and hasn't wanted to fool with it. But he did mention that he has to start thinking about re-doing it. I don't see how he would have time to do it himself. But I can tell you - whoever he talks to about rebuilding it is going to have their competency interrogated to death and will be cross examined in every direction thinkable.

My buddy used to be a general contractor. At the time the wall was built he was very busy and his wife handled everything. This was the first and only time that he let her handle something like this. She wanted to use this contractor because some of "the neighbors used him".

As the project got underway my buddy kept observing flawed practices and he would question the contractor. It got worse and worse, to the point where it became obvious that this big, well known contractor didn't know what he was doing.
Next time you talk to your buddy just let him know I am interested, I have no problem getting interrogated. If he is interested I will pm you my contact info.
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