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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
I could be mistaken, but many of your sproutlings could indeed be tree seedlings.

Contact your local extension office as to a timetable for YOUR area with regards to WHEN to apply pre-emergents...and HOW OFTEN to do so.

And like herler said, learn to cut your turf a tall/thick lawn is one of your best defenses against weeds.
Thanks for the reply....yea some of them DO remind me of small trees starting to grown.

I've treated one area and going to give it a couple weeks and see what happens. Then every night I have been working through a section and pulling up what I can trying to "thin it out."

I've not cut the grass for a few weeks and going to let it grow for awhile and then just trim it on highest level of mower I can.

I was reading up on St. Augustine grass and have a solid root foundation is crucial. The grass rows in "runners" which seem to snake out like vines.

Thanks again for the input
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