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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Lordy, you need to learn to use paragraghs, sir. My attention span is very short and I bore easily. And it's been a long day running an excavator with a hammer on it for 10 hrs straight.

So - my eyes more or less only read your last sentences.

There is no one size fits all reasoning for deciding what aggragate to use for the base.

Your drainage chimney will be 3/4" clean, herein after referred to as "#57".

One example:
If material staging is tight on the site, it may be easier to just use all the same aggregate (#57), delivered in one load on one truck from the quarry. There may not be room on a site to stage two seperate piles of stone, plus the block, plus the soil that was excavated.

Also, a wall may need 100 to 200 tons of #57 for the drainage chimney. But maybe only 10 tons of aggregate is needed for the base. It may make life simpler to just convert that base aggregate to #57 instead of paying the quarry to bring out a measley 10 tons.
Haha my bad this topic has me really crazy seeing as I've been installing walls for quite some time with cr8 and the thought of everything I've done could have been more properly installed really really drove me nuts..

It seems like its really apples to apples and the decision to use #57 is really just a smart business move..

I don't thoroughly understand the subject at all but at least I have confirmed that using cr8 is acceptable..

If anyone has other advantages to using #57 as an srw base it would benefit a lot of us if they could provide their knowledge!

Until I thoroughly understand #57 as a wall base I will continue what I know and pry for some answers.. I may experiment on a small wall to first hand experience the use and feasibility of this system and MAYBE I will understand it a little better.

Any tips or tricks to use #57 would be appreciated. Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this thread it is satisfying knowing others out there are as enthusiastic and inspired by the work they do..and the information acquired through this thread is extremely invaluable.
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