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Originally Posted by jl8806 View Post
Well I finally tried out a z950r deere, there's not really a lot of grass to cut right now but from what little I did I really liked it, you barely have to move the levers to go and it's really smooth operating, plenty fast enough, only thing I found that the hustler would do better is set on a hill, I think the super z weighs a little bit more so that could be the difference. I love the comfort and convience package, especially the hydraulic deck lift. I definitely want one but here's the dilema now, 950r vs 960r? Or 27hp vs 31hp? Like I said there's not much grass for me to cut right now and what is there is nothing like the thick, fertilized and wet grass that I'll be cutting on out in may, the 27 seems like it will have plenty of power but Im thinking why not go on and get the 31, the only thing that scares me is how much worse is the 31 going to be on fuel? Does anyone know where I could find fuel consumption stats on these different engines? You would think JD would have these #'s out there but I havnt seen them. Thanks again guys
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I've got the 31hp Kaw on my Gravely 460 (60") and I never have lacked power. They are thirsty though. I'm averaging about 2gph. This may differ some from mower to mower. I'm not sure if the SZ's lager pumps would demand more from the engine than the more common size pumps used, less, or the same? I can't imagine they would pull any less power.

I had a 24hp Honda on my 60" SZ which was a nice match but liked coils. I don't recall gph but I'm guessing it was close to 1-1.5 gph. My 66" SZ is running a Kohler 28hp EFI (both old hp ratings) and it's ok for just cutting grass. If you want to run a bagger and/or thatch rake too it's under powered. Hit a good size hill and be ready for a little testing of you patients. Up side is I'm getting about 1.2 gph on it.

Biggest downfall I've read/heard about on the JD is the ride quality. Other than that and possible parts cost I've heard mostly good.

I do like the clean, simple, heavy build of the Hustler. I've made mine do things no mower should have to and they're still kicking.

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