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Originally Posted by magicmike View Post
My question was more directed towards how do you charge... No matter what mower you use (using a smaller one would make cost to operate less, using a larger mower would make cost to operate more) most people charge about 60 an hour. So say if your cost to operate is 10 dollars an hour (made up number). Do you change 70 per hour or do you take the 10 dollar hit and just charge 60? So if a lawn takes 30 minutes would you charge 35 or 30. Hope this makes sense I'm on my phone
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You don't add cost ABOVE your hourly rate if I read that correctly.

It works like this, your costs PH + desired hourly profit determines your PMH rate. Equipment does come into play, bigger toys more overhead. So the question becomes how competetive do you want to be in relation to your profit. You can't use the "other guys make $60 PMH so that's what I want to make." Hope that makes sense......
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