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Originally Posted by Lawn132012 View Post

First I am NOT a SumaGreen Promoter. I am a promoter of products that I find useful. I personally dont care if you promote the product or not, and I am glad you find it usefullI thought the whole idea of this site was to share information.It is one if the reasons for the site For that reason is WHY I mention SumaGreen. It is fine that you mention it, but this is a thread on Holganix and you seem to keep bashing Holganix in favore of Sumagreen I could care less if everyone else on here used Holganix. All I was saying is that Holganix and SumaGreen are basically the same thing with the same results. That is a fine opinion to haveMy buddy Rob Lundholm (Cape May, told me about it when he switched from Holganix to SumaGreen last year.What does naming your buddy and listing his website have to do with anything? So please do not tell me I am a SumaGreen promoter.

If you had two products (Seeds say) that worked the same as the other one but one was cheaper with the same results would you switch? THANK YOU!!! I would be leary of them working the same if there was significant price difference.

Turf- I got a price sheet from what they gave me and I got pricing of a 2 gallon at $105 to a 50 gallon at $2,250 They have other sizes but I would not want to be considered a PROMOTER of their product. Thanks but I am happy with my Holganix product, reps and service.I am sure they would send you a price sheet if you email them like I did last year.
Also not sure what you were talking about with the labels being better at Holganix. Get your hands on the labels and you will see that Holganix has more in it, look deeper than molasses etc, you need to look at the number of beneficials etc in each I did not see any real testing with their product at University level or even real world at a research center. You need to do more looking then, Holganix is university tested.SumaGreen as several tests and University studies on their products plus their forage product won the award for Best Green Technology in 2011 (Forage / Turf basically the same thingI would not consider forage crops and Turf to be the same, at a basic level, yes, but once you starting maintaining turf at 3" and bagging clippings, it is a completely different thing than a forage crop) .

Again if you want to use Holganix ...GREAT! I am staying with the SumaGreen for the same results and roughly half the price. [COLOR="red"SEE BELOW[/COLOR] I use 3 oz per 1000 sq/ft not 7-9 oz like Holganix and no electric bill no matter how small. Is Holganix going to replace your product if lost in a power outage?ummm, its called a back up generator, I have had one long before I started using Holganix....

Let Replenish work on his sales for Holganix. Really do not care.


I addressed most things in red above but want to be clear that you are putting things on this thread as fact when you simply have not done enough homework and are simply stating what amounts to be uneducated opinion.

Lets do a brief overview/comparison of products
+both can be used with a reduced rate of chemicals.
+both can be used as a stand alone
+Holganix needs to be kept cold, sumagreen does not
This should give you pause, why is this?
+Cost of product is almost identical
Sumagreen costs $1.05 per 1,000 sq ft
Holganix costs $1.04 per 1,000 sq ft are indeed misleading people pretty significantly when you tell them that Holganix costs twice as much as sumagreen. Even if there is more of a volume discount for larger quantities you will not reach a 50% material difference....

Cost of product based on your statement that 50 gallons is $2250...which is $45 per gallon and used at 3 oz per 1,000 sq ft.

Compared to Holganix used at 7 oz per 1,000 (my use rate and my pricing used)
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