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Originally Posted by rlmlandscape View Post
A little update. No cool pictures yet, but we're planning on getting back to work April 1. So far the first two rounds of mailers have worked out ok. Have gotten 25 estimates out of them and landed 4 full service accounts that will be doing our new landscape maintenance packages. Have the third round going out sometime next week which will hopefully produce a lot of phone calls. Also I'm working on two landscape design jobs so this years shaping up pretty good.
That's awesome man! Hope you have a great season!......I'm having a hard time selling the lawn maintenance agreement to my old customers. I only have 2 customers that want to take advantage of it. I didn't do anything as far as advertising this year because of the schedule at the firehouse. Who knows, I might be doing lawns fulltime next year if things keep going the way they are going
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