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Transition Time Between Winter & Spring - What Do You Do?

Hopefully we are done with snow and a slow warming trend will creep our way in the coming days and it will finally get above freezing and then some spring like weather. Only problem, I'm going nuts I'm so bored!!! Just had my last class lecture of my Hort program today (graduate in May), a couple projects due early next week and then an online based class/project to do after April 1st. I've basically done all the prepwork for the year so far, just about every spring renewal letter w/ proposals have been sent out to my existing clients and am waiting their return to then mail back invoices & contracts. All billing is entered as of the most recent snow storm (Monday), P&L breakdowns by each storm have been completed. My routes for my EDDM postcards have been set up, just waiting for it to warm up & the snow to melt prior to getting them sent out. Equipment is basically ready to go, I have 2 WB mowers for sale and am awaiting buyers and then I'll be purchasing a ZTR w/ bagger system and getting a dethatch rake mount bar on it will take less than an hour.

I came up with a list of how to improve day-to-day efficiency in order to make work days shorter, ie. have all tools needed for the job ready to go the night before, make as little amt of trips to the yard waste site as possible, tighter route planning, no one time mowing unless it's a neighbor to an existing client, etc.

The things I enjoy doing (motocross & golf) are done outside, and when there's an 8" snowpack and it's 5 degrees with 30 mph winds, that's nonexistent. Last year at this time it was 70 degrees!

Sorry if I'm on a rant, but what do you guys do when you have literally nothing to do? I'm not one that just sits around and I hate the cold so doing anything outside doesn't cut it until it warms up.
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