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You must be as good at you are with electrical....

Been known to fabricate a few things.Love workin with metal .Been workin on a big wall mural for my wife, she likes lighthouses .Still have a way to go ,few more pieces to finish. Here's a couple teaser pics of the shop I know you will appreciate slapper.

Alright sorry to digress .......slapper only got one correct this time heres the answers from my previous post

(1) is a spring tool, see the black tip there is a slot in it for springs to fit in and the screwdriver handle end is turned righty tighty and it locks the spring to it so it can't go sailing off by accident during installation.

(2) is my homemade pressbrake that fits on the 20 ton press.Works great at bending 90 deg angles or less in steel/alum

(3) is a spool gun for my big Lincoln welder

(4) is a water jet blaster .Hook up shop air and a garden hose and you have a cheap pressure washer.
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