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You need to start over. I would spray a 2% roundup solution on that and reseed 1 week later. If you want fescue you need to seed that Sept. 1, if you want bermuda you need to seed that now. Both of those type's of seed's need water to get going. Sunlight and air movement is important to both of those grass's, improve that all you can, bermuda won't live in the shade, fescue will.

Kentucky 31 is a pasture grass, it was the very first fescue marketed to homeowner's in the early 1950's, and it was chosen because it survived being chewed on by cow's. It is also the lowest performer among fescue's and you can get much better seed.

You need to get a soil test -

These people can also make the best recommendation's for seed for your area. If you have any other question's, just ask. Good luck.
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