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[QUOTE=Restrorob;4714662]OK Normmie..... After look'n back I missed your stumpers.....

BUT...... Be'n the gear-head I am.....We gotta high jack this thread a minute..... More pics and details on this !!!!

I knew I would hook you on that one!!!

That there would be my 65 chevelle SS
She's not a show piece she's a bad azz driver

454 BB/ 400 turbo 3000 stall /3.73 12 bolt she chops hard and loud with 1 chamber race mufflers it sounds sooooooo goooood.

Have to run slicks/drag radials always

Not so much into the shiny paint/shiny rims stuff
I like running my steel rims and flat paint.Only had these couple pics on this computer unfortunately they show the welds with street tires on the rear cause she was sitting for a while not used so I pulled the slicks off as to not to flat spot them.

Sorry for the hi jack guys!!!!
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