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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Maybe that why I have never seen one here. We live in a flood plain from when ancient Lake Missoula's Ice dam broke. Lots of rocky soil here. Honestly there is a fair amount of pounding with my hydro Plugr 850.

If a client is not willing to pay more for it I'd rather run a rolling tine unit instead.

What model Plugrs do you run? 400, 600, 800 series?
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I have a 410, and a few 600's. Would like to get the 850 or 855 soon but I have a toro dealer close to me. I might look at the toro hydro aerator and compare. The nearest plugr dealer is 350 miles away and plugr won't sell direct anymore. I love plugr though and have had good luck with their brand
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