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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
Suuuweeet Normmie !!!

Less bling makes more of a sleeper.......

With that much go, Do you have enough whoa with manual brakes ?
You dont miss much.

The under pinnings of this car have been gone through front ends been replaced , aftermarket disc brakes, springs .HD manual master cyl (higher pressure) etc etc she whoas ok

Also rear has strange axles with c-clip eliminators /long lugs with fresh lg drums.

New steel gas tank with a sump welded in and #8 fuel line.

Bottom half new car, top half old clunker.

Wouldn't call it a sleeper sounds like a hot dedicated track car she ain't subtle.Borderline obnoxious almost. I can only handle the noise in small doses.I think I'm getten older .Man if you were closer I'd take you for a spin and blow your hair back!!!!!
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