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I'm solo, so during winter I take care of the most important component of my operation....ME!
I get some exercise, get my annual physical, get some rest and recreation.

All equipment was ready to go before it went into storage. (except for one bearing in an electric clutch that was getting a little noisy).

Once the work is done, stop working! Worrying about it won't make it any better but will make you worse.
The 10 hour days will start soon enough. You don't want to burn out before they even start.

I must be a little anxious to get bck to work or I wouldn't be logging onto Lawnsite. But I also logged onto Ohio weather, lows in the 20s' highs in the 30s' indicates soil temps are too low for pre-emergence. So screw it! I paid the lot rent in for my camper in Ft. Myers for another week, and I'll check again next week.
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