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Thanks! My area is between 155 to 200 sq miles, all city, basically a 15x15 area. The population of all of it is around 400,000. My city alone is around 95,000.

I love Echo. All of my handhelds are old but run like new. I have a Shindaiwa, basically Echo, handheld commercial blower from like 98 that I just replaced a recoil on, still need a new tube, but it runs amazing. I'm looking into like a SRM-230. Thanks for the advice! As for overhead I'm keeping it low. The only thing that I have is truck, insurance, phone, etc. I don't plan on getting a new machine until I can pay cash. All my day job cash goes into my business. And if I ever have any extra, it just goes in the savings acct haha.

Growing isn't easy but I have it set in my mind! Nice to hear another persons story, good motivation! Thanks for the help.

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