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I think part of the problem is that homeowners have been bombarded by lies and bad information for so long that they either believe BS or they are just so confused that they don't believe anything.

Last year during the worst drought in 30 years and at the height of weeks of 100+ days our local county extension office(full of Ph D.'s and Master Gardners) and local TV shows told people to just completely stop watering their lawns. I continued to tell my customers to doing a deep watering twice per week. Some listened and some didn't. Bottom line is this year a guy make a killing just doing aerating and overseeding all year!!! All because these homeowners got tricked into a bunch of bad info. In the end the customers just don't know what to believe anymore.

Good thing I read one of your previous threads about PLUGR aerators. Bought and 855 last season. It more than paid for itself in 1 month and was a snap to operate.
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