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On paper, RedMax has some enticing machines, no doubt.

My concern as a solo is that I NEED it to start and be GTG in short order. I'm not needing it to start and then run continuously ALL day...others prolly do.
-Still own a RM HH blower that was reliable, but cold-blooded.
-My 8001 BP blower is a BEAST & is ALWAYS ready to go.
-From talking with a died-in-the-wool RM-fan LCO buddy, his take is that RM trimmers have slid in recent years. This concerns me cuz I read similar things around here at LS.

I talked with a RM dealer who found out the RM Extra Torque Trimmers are more-or-less made for users who remove the guard = meaning they can spin a longer line. They also have a hollow driveshaft making them a bit lighter.

FWIW, I don't want a bike handled brushcutter, but a simple loop-handled trimmer with some added power to enable edging through the tougher well as some off-road trimming if needed. For my preference: the guard is always removed (no bashing please) cuz I want to see what I'm doing and have the most maneuverability around yard items.
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