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Truthfully, until your pages are set up to convert visitors into paying clients, all the SEO in the world, or traffic for that matter, will be useless.

60% of pages will fail to recoup their build costs and 20% of those will fail to even cover their monthly hosting.


Because people build giant "About Us" websites with no focus on what it uniquely offers a visitor right now and prompts them to pick the phone up, fill out a form or add to a shopping basket right now. Is that how you buy? when you look at a company, are you looking for their resume first or what they say will make your life better right now?

Approach as a consumer first, then you can serve all that you think they need to know on other pages. but if they're not convinced within seconds that you have something important to their lives, they are gone.

You get the same amount of attention time that a TV, radio spot or billboard get to hook and drive about 3-5 seconds. Then you can make the rest available to strengthen the decision. But if there isn't already a green light going off, the rest is meaningless.

Focus on the conversion, then you worry about driving traffic in a continually escalating game like SEO. Get someone to evaluate your pitch and write sales copy, if necessary. That will have a far more measurable payback than anything else.

Keep in mind this applies to blind traffic, people that know nothing or next to nothing about you, the kind that would be driven by search. For those who are looking for additional information after getting a bid in person etc, drive them to the appropriate pages and again, acknowledge why they are there with focused information that's relevant to their reason for being there.
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