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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
Mower shipped today should have it Tuesday or Wensday giving 10,500 for it. Is that a decent price for a 3100 61" 32 Vanguard.
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That's about the going price in my area, the Ferris patented suspension seems to bring a little more money. I bought a Hustler Super Z with a 72" deck, the HyperDrive (by far the best on the market, 5 yr., 3000 hr full parts and labor warranty) hydraulic system, and a 35 hp Kawasaki for $10,600, and that was with the $250 flex forks installed.

The Ferris 3100 I used for a while is the same size as my older model Super Z setting in front of the my Super Z, so you can tell from the picture there is a lot more machine for the money with the 72" Super Z. I have run both the Ferris 3100 and the bigger Super Z on the same property, and even with the Super Z being by far a great deal faster, the ride due to its longer wheel base and flex forks is just as good as the 3100. The only place I would give the advantage in ride to the 3100 is where you have a washboard area; where the low and high places are only a few feet apart. The four wheel independent suspension has an advantage in this situation, I'm just lucky to only have about 1/3 of an acre where I must deal with this.

You can look at these photos and see there is more machine in the 72" Super Z, for the fact the 3100 is the size of the smaller Super Z in front.

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