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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
I have demoed a hustler and didn't like the clumps from there decks. And if you stop to fast with flex forks the deck will dip and scalp..... I'm ferris through and through got a great hustler dealer like the guy a lot but you want get me off a ferris....
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I love Ferris mowers, they are just not fast enough for me on the large, open, flat acreage I cut. I mow southern stiff blade grasses that is normally very dry (always an exception), and I mow at full speed (which is very fast on a Super Z) a great deal of the time, and I have never seen a clumping problem. The reason for this is probably because I keep everything highly maintained on a 5 to 6 day mowing schedule, never deal with an excessive amount of grass being cut off at any one time.

I can make the older short model dip if pulling up at high speed and stop real fast, but the larger mower with the longer wheel base does not give this problem. I honestly believe they made the flex forks somewhat stiffer on this larger model because of being so much heavier, but I believe the longer wheel base distributing the weight more evenly is the biggest help in stopping the front end dip.

I have cut with both, and you could not tell if it was the Ferris or Hustler that made the last pass, but you can definitely tell after an hours cutting that the Super Z had cut 20% more grass. I've put them side by side, so this in not something I haven't proven, and actually proved it to a Ferris dealer.
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