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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
Have you ran the ICD deck there is no double cutting with it so that means more production...
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I've not run the ICD deck on my property but have on another property. The grass we cut in my area that is not irrigated cuts very easily. There are a very few (hardly any) Ferris mowers run commercially in my area, what you mostly see is Hustler, Bobcat, Scag, and Exmark, and I would not necessarily say in that order.

I very seldom ever go back over the same area twice, and never double cut anything. The only thing I may find the need to do is if the grass has gotten really big due to excessive rain, I may need to raise the deck and run over an area at top speed to scatter clippings, and that would only be for a small number of passes.

Believe me when I tell you from experience, a Hustler Super Z is at least 20% more productive than a Ferris mower in areas where speed can be utilized. Now, taking speed out of the equation, if you are on a washboard type terrain where you really need to slow down, I would give the edge to the Ferris with its four wheel independent suspension.

The Ferris has a ride second to none, a cut equal to the best, and a wonderful engine selection. The Hustler has better hydraulics, and is a much smoother operating machine, there is honestly no mower manufactured in today's market that handles and operates anywhere close to a Hustler Super Z. If I mowed smaller properties that are extremely rough, the 3100 has always been my choice, I really like the mower due to the fact of being easy on the body.

Mowers are just a tool, with some brands better suited for certain mowing applications than others, this is due to people in different areas over the country having different needs and desires.
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