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Originally Posted by rlmlandscape View Post
Hi Guys,
Had my website built last year and want to know how to get better results on seo search. I don't know anything at all about SEO and was wondering if any of these online companies that provide SEO services are worth it. I feel like the web is the only way people look for stuff now and want to put my website to work. I have talked to my web designer about keywords but he doesn't deal with SEO really. I'd like to get my website to appear when people type in landscaper wakefield ri, stuff like that. Also my google places ad doesn't seem to be working properly either. Any information would help, my websites
Any competent web designer should have a reasonable understanding of SEO. It comes with the territory. Sure you can't expect your web designer to do all your link building, webmaster account management and copy writing, but your web designer should absolutely be considering SEO principals when designing your site. If they're not, find someone who will.
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