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Thats why i only fert who i mow i never fert who i don't mow because they never listen big part of my job is educating Joe homeowner on what to do and not do so its very hard to take care of a property when you don't know what their doing i tried do some ferts for non mowing customers what a headache never worked out no matter what i did because they never follow instructions even simple ones on how to water you spend more time and money on call backs to fix things that shouldn't go wrong in the first place like i watered the lawn after you came great you just washed off your weed killer now it wont work as it should i told you to water before not after oh I'm sorry now what well then you come back a spray what didn't get the first time on your dime because all they know is you applied weed and feed and it didn't work not your fault cause you didn't wash it off in the first place but your on the hook cause they payed you and they want results and if you don't fix it well i Will get someone else to do it right that's the catch 22 so be careful out there Good luck with your app program hope it works for you
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