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Originally Posted by Tony W View Post
Hello, I am new to the ZTR purchasing and all the research I have been doing is quite time consuming and confusing. I have a 2 acre yard mostly flat not very smooth. I have been looking at the gravely zt xl 48, the hustler sport 48, and the exmark quest 50. The main thing that I have been looking for is the fab. deck, would like the serviceable hyros, and a kawasaki motor. My max budget is 4500 but with the right advice I may be able to squeeze 5000 out the door tops. Any advice between these or any other brands or options I should focus on would really help before my wife kills me with obsessing and researching these machines. In advance thank you for looking and for any suggestions.
Check out the marketplace board:
The usual suspects seem to be Scag, Exmark and Toro, Ferris. My decision is heavily dependent on which dealer/shop is nearby and their reputation for excellent work and a fair price.
My wife is also thinking I've lost it!
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