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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
My response has nothing to do with us being busy or not. During the season all of my crews always have steady work... in fact I am guilty of telling the homeowner when they ask the dreaded "So when can we start" oh about 2 weeks....... so for two weeks I am rushing to get people in. My point was I am never very optimistic. I am always on edge and stressed out, but I credit that for me being so involved and on top of every movement of the company, be it a flaw of mine or not. During the spring and summer months, most nights I am staring at the ceiling, laying in bed grinding my teeth thinking about the next days jobs. Again some people may not stress about it like me, and although it does take its toll, if I lost this I feel it would be a negative to my company.
I too used to have sleepless nights. There have been times where i have woken in the middle of the night and sat straight up in bed because a bad thought crossed my mind.

The recession has changed me. I endured the worst of the worst and I conquered it. After what I've been through, nothing else gets to me anymore and I sleep rather sound.
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