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Originally Posted by Ben Harris View Post
You are far away from me location & price wise, we charge $45.00-$50.00 for half acre + $5.00-$10.00 more for basic RoundUp app. If I was doing an acre it would probably be between $80.00-$100.00. I could care less what a competitor charges if he wants to do it for $50.00 an acre he can go for it. If they want it done properly by a company who hires good well trained employees who are educated and that require higher wages, etc, they will choose us.

Always make a game plan before you go into a sales call, you must be extremely confident. Do research on their problem, type of grass, etc. If you are prepared you will have a much higher success rate. Knowledge=power make the next guy look like he needs to read Landscaping for Dummies.

Don't base your cost on your bidding success, I would say as of now your costs are already extremely competitive. It is really dependent on your expenses and how much you want to profit as a business owner.
Thanks for the advice! We are obviously in different regions so our prices are quite different. But thanks for the advise about sales calls and being confident. That is something I need to work on some. I am really professional but I don't research into each customer.
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