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Guys no offense but really $20 an acre and this $35 per man hour..... I would rather sit and home and collect welfare!! Why even deal with commercial stuff if thats all your making? Back 15 years ago my fathers company was producing 50 per man hour. If My equipment is efficient enought to do make me $60-70 per hour per mower and $45-55 trimming I dont need to be in business! Around here Commercial I can easily get $43-46 an acre mow trim blow, residential an easy $70 for an acre with average trimming. If i was to do multiple acres i would go in at around $760.00 per cut. Two guys mowing at 4 hours and one guy trimming 4-4.5 hours then blowing just say 30 mins and your gone! thats a profit of $575.00!
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