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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Normie...wouldn't the valve assy have a manufacturers name on it ?
I'm pretty sure Toro didn't make the unit...I'm thinkin that if you can get a make and model # off the spool valve might be able to locate the replacement spool...
Hey slapper...It my not have a name on it but it should have a number embossed on it somewhere.I'm sure Toro didn't make it but had it built to spec for them and that may be proprietary which means they own the rights to it.Even if you found the mfg's name and was able to contact them they won't sell parts to anyone if Toro owns the rights.There is a possibility it could be a generic over the counter valve assembly so always investigate and at least try.

Been down this road before sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't.
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