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I went through a period with my own business where I kind of burnt out, and lost interest. For a short period of time, my employees were running the show, and I needed a kick in the but to become engaged and enthusiastic again. My fear is that the symptoms we are seeing with SAP are the same that I saw when I was struggling for a few months. I hope that the management has not lost interest and is running on autopilot. (no pun intended)

I know nothing about their business, and we all know how annoying it is when an outsider thinks they know what it takes (its easy right?, just hire a bunch of Mexicans and sit back and collect), but it seems to me they really need to focus on fixing the small bugs and issues, and making everything flow the way it should, and fast. I can't imagine it taking this long to get the basics right if there is more than 1 programmer and they are focused.
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