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Originally Posted by EastTexasProscapesLLC View Post
Do you ever use your skids as "nurse tanks"? Fill up the skids with solution at beginning of day (mixed as if you were going to use it in your pg) and then refil the pg out of the skid tanks? Wouldn't take too long to fill up an 8 gallon tank and might save a little mixing time. (Of course most time is spent waiting for a 200 gal tank to fill. 8 Gal would be under a minute off of most hose bibs around here.)
Absolutly. That is what I was talking about when I said the 50 gallon skid I use as a nurse tank for the PG covering the same area as my 200 gallon skid pulling the hose with chemlawn/teejet gun.

When I have a large job, like the one I did the other day, I will use the 200 gallon tank as a nurse tank.
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