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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
its not about generating business from trucks. Its called BRANDING. people hear the name of your company, see your flyer, see your truck drive by. they all help each other to have people remember your company name.
Exactly! If for no other reason than a professional image, all my trucks and trailers have my logo on them- all the same color (red), all professionally lettered- people recognize my logo, trucks and see the work we do. Helps set me apart from "Joe's Landscaping" with a 20 year old rusted out mason dump, beat up trailer, with the stick-on letters you can buy at the hardware store.... the kind of clients someone like that services are not my target clientele....

It will also bring you more business- my enclosed trailer is literally a rolling billboard for me- people see it in front of the house we're working on- they want their property to look the same way.... phone rings
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