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Originally Posted by Turf Dawg View Post
I use both spray-able and granular. I generally use the granular on fert in June.
I use Prodiamine liquid in spring and Simazine liquid in fall. You are right about it being thick but it sprays fine as long as you keep it mixed. Since my PG was down for most of the first round this year I used the WDG in my skid for price reasons. When the PG got fixed I bought some Pendulum 3.3 to mix in the 200 gallon skid for the large acreage areas and yes it does look like yellow spray paint coming out of the nozzles.

On pre emergents it matters more to me on the amount of water after the application. It does not matter if you are using granular, .5 gallon per K or 2-3 gallons per k. If it does not get watered in it is not going to work.
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