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Originally Posted by ricsin1 View Post
quick question... seems like you two ga boys know a thing or two about bermuda grass ( and old hangout spots! ) -- I have a bermuda lawn that only receives about 5-6 hrs of morning/early afternoon sun then the shadow of the house shades on side of the yard. I want to lay some TifGrand on that side....

what are your views on laying sod WITHOUT tilling the area first? just maybe a heavy raking first then lay the sod......... also if I have bermuda grass now that real THIN in that area im not sure if roundup would work now cuz the grass is still dormant. if i dont have to till im thinking i could just scalp the grass, then lay the new sod on top?

what are your thoughts?
My front yard has tif sod and gets full sun for about the same amount of time and it does fine. Before you lay sod, I would try and build it up with topdressing and sand and really pamper that area with water and fert for a little.

I have done small patches of sod like exmarkking described with even less prep than he stated and it came in fine. We did the same thing in my neighbors yard after a bunch of it was ripped up for some type of underground repair and grading problem and essentially just threw the sod on top after it was raked/smoothed out. This is clearly not the best way and would do it the right way if it was a larger area.
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