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Originally Posted by Kennedy Landscaping View Post
Ah nice, I may do it but who knows. I've got a lead on an 01 f250 with a flatbed and meyer plow, but I don't know how it will all play out.

Plowed the other night, someone parked their car right in the spot where I normally push snow, so I had to push the lot a little different, because of that, I ended up finding a brick wall, go figure.

Oh well I guess
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dont worry, i found an electrical poll this winter when the same thing happened. Car parked in the middle of a lot and i had to go by it 4 different ways to get it all cleared. Ended up dropping the tailgate so i could see better and then backed the dropped tailgate right into a poll i thought i was far enough away from. Moral to the story, dont put a tailgate down when plowing. 600 dollars to replace a stupid tailgate now adays.

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