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Originally Posted by David Grass View Post
I guess I am around 40 cents a foot, I have a turfteq and it just ROLLS, I give people a great look, and a reasonable price, we are all happy, I am making 100 plus an hour, WITH driving time, so I am cool.
There is a man with a turf teq besides me

I have one to its so fast it will blow all others out of the water Best thing I bought, my back loves it.
I'm at $0.50 per ft

The turfteq trenches new bed lines 50' +per min Takes longer to paint the lines then it does to trench it
Grooming old beds is even faster 80'-100' per min
I think I bought mine back in 07 thinking, it paid for its self on its first job. I installed 2,000 ft of edger stones.

I like using it on Sod jobs for seaming or put the grooming blade on and edge walks for the sod faster then a spade.
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