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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Yes I absolutely hate to mow lawns that I have run my Plugr 850 over. Fact is they pull more plugs and the plugs are popped upwards and not just a passive push from rolling tines.

I totally get the soil fracturing aspect of the aeravotor but all those Plugr® plugs that take a long time to disappear have there purpose and it's thatch breakdown. Plus just one pass of the 800 series plugrs pull twice the number of plugs the Lawn Solutions 24" WB hydro. And 75% more than the current production Exmark/Toros 21" and Stand on.

How much does an aerVator put dirt on top of thatch layer...?
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Aeravator doesnt pull plugs it shakes the ground. I spread a thin layer of loam or peat moss or bagged compost before aeravating and it comes out evenly spread over the thatch and in the holes... for seeding spread loam broadcast seed then make 1 pass with the aeravator.
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