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Originally Posted by lalllc View Post
Omega brick , when will you be getting your new knee or hip? Lol. The spade is a good tool. I think Munks invented it. You know what I'm saying? I once had a phone that pugged in the wall. Lol. Just playing.
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I know. Right! I do limit the whole repeated lifting thing and keep the spade very sharp so I don't strain myself too much. I really do want to keep from damaging roots, though. "Munks" meaning monks?

You are right. Modernizing is essential. Can't do everything by hand. I used to build boulder walls with just a shovel and wheel barrow. Back still hurt for a couple of years after I started using machines.

I will catch up with some of you soon. Buying cad and 3d design programs and iphone etc this year.
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