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I was just playing. I have done my fair share of using a Spade trust me. My point is why hurt yourself? I went and bought my L shaped edger do to the damage my Brown coused. As fare as using a spade or a motored tool ? I pick the tool that's going to get the work done and fast so I can go do more work. Charge by the foot and go to the next one. If you have been doing edging for that long with a spade and not trying to save yourself it will bite you someday . With my Turfco , I have yet to cut a wire or bust a head. Roots are not going to get so trashed with it as well. I would HATE to edge in clay all day. No thanks! You have been at this as long as I have and my body is starting to break. I have in the last 3 years been fixing what my job has been breaking. Knee, wrist, elbow . It will break you too. Trust me.
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