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Who leaves synthetic twine on trees ???

Actually, I'm surprised that nurseries even use synthetic twine anymore. But how often does any "landscaper" leave synthetic twine on trees after planting? Or ... say even the other natural fiber that will decompose?

Just added this, too, on my new website blog.

Recently, I was hired for consultation, and immediately after, asked to inspect 400 trees planted in the past couple of years. Mostly to prep for bark mulch that I recommended, and to start checking the lower trunks, because twine was left on most of the trees, ranging from 6' Grand Fir and Incense Cedar, up to 10' Incense Cedar.

Next week, about 15 "units" of hemlock bark will be blown, providing approximately a 6 ft. wide circle or mulch, about 3 inches deep, for each tree. About 12,000 square feet combined, worth of hemlock barkdust.

Actually, even the trunks with the natural twine fiber had indentations on the lower trunks, because several wraps still hindered one or two season's worth of growth / expansion before the material started to fall apart. And on some, had not quite decayed yet.

A new one for me to find there, was not that trees had been grown with root containment bags ... but that they had been planted in root containment bags. I first experienced seeing these bags in southern Oregon, and never liked them from day one, even if they can be removed.

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