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Well, I pulled the plug on the Turfco XT5. It finally got here and it's a funny story....

It was suppose to arrive via UPS Freight this morning. At 12:30 I called UPS and they said they don't deliver to my area. Then after 15 minutes, they said it had been delivered at 10:30 ???? Apparently not to me!!!! They sent it to the wrong address, wrong town, wrong zip, wrong street number even. Not sure how that happened. I asked UPS to call the company and have them not unpack the pallet, and the UPS guy gave me an attitude. He wasnt sure why that was his job. After spending 30 minutes going round and round, UPS was unwilling to tell me when and how they where going to pick it up and deliver it to the correct address. My wife had called the company(some type of laboratory) that had mistakenly received my aerator and they were real nice. They said if I came down, they would let me pick it up. Well, after a 45 minute drive, they help me load it with their folk lift.

I got home around 2 hours after I left and unpacked the XT5. Luckily, it went together in a few minutes and after reading a bit, I was out back aerating. It is amazing how much easier it is than the old style aerators. The thing is great on hills and turns really well. I am very happy with the 10 minute test drive. I had tried the toro/lawn solution machine and it felt like it was going to tip over on hills and also felt very bulky. The XT5 is well balanced and is a breeze to move. Loading it in the trailer was simple. I am going to look into some wheel locks to secure the aerator to the trailer bed. All in all, it seems like a HUGE difference. My back is gonna love it compared to the older machines.
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