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I'm a solo operator but just incorporated a iPad mini in with my business and use quick books. So far so good. Just started this week though. Time will tell. I see it being very beneficial.
It's a free app, but you have to subscribe for a 30 day free trail and then after that's up you've got to decide weather or not it benefits you to pay the subscription or pay for a year. Personally I will pay it for a year and be done. I am very very pleased with it and its stupid easy to use.

I have my iPad set up on 4G data plan with AT&T. I've been a customer of theirs sense 1997 with my personal phones. I set this iPad up on its very own plan as a business right off and it's so much easier to not have to figure out what's what compared to data. I have my business number and company number on my iPhone as the same. Reason being is because I have a older plan that is unlimited everything and its no longer offered so its cheaper to keep it that way.

The iPad is the only tablet I would have. I have never had one single issue with any of my Apple products. I have direction at all times to my customers or to a bid walk or something if i need it. I'm constantly on my phone and only average around 2 gigs of data a month. So I got a 3gig data plan for iPad. Should be plenty.

What are some of the ways you guys use tablets or iPads and what apps do you utilize the most. I like being able to use QB from the computer also.
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