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ok.... I thinkkkkkk I got it now. Reading through the off road refund description it says "If the expense for purchasing the fuel (including the tax) is deducted as a business expense, the credit or refund must be included in gross income by the taxpayer."

So I can deduct the full portion of fuel, right? In turn lower my tax from that fuel expense deduction...fill out the off road portion for the credit/refund.....but then I do have to claim the refund or credit as additional income which is taxed at my tax rate(25% for example), which is less than 100%. So would be better off claiming rather than not....Yes?

I hope I've got this figured out...if so thanks again guys. great to have some time to surf lawnsite again but now I just need this snow to melt so I have less time to think about this and can actually get out on the lawns again!!
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