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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
Still don't own up to what they did.
The "risk of trial" usually lies much more with a defendent in this type of case, especially when the evidence is so obvious. It will be very interesting if further scientific documents and evidence is revealed that may have never been made public. Once all data is collected, I wonder how many trees, shrubs and plants in the U.S. were damaged or killed in total and how many may continue to be damaged in the future or how many will never reach full majority size as nature intended? How much wildlife has been displaced and what are the effects on bird behavior, bees and other creatures? I know our property lost much of it's annually nesting birds who seemed to sense something wrong early and left to nest elsewhere. We also noticed frogs and toads, who once chirped beautifully around our property are gone after their trees and bushes they would hide under or in had perished. Is a university or other organization working on that ongoing study? Wish I wasn't a part of that data. Wish none of us were.
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